Armored High-precision Waterproof Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Probe Accuracy 0.5°C(DX_KA)


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Manufacturer: PCsensor

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This is a temperature probe with an armored sensor shell. The interface is an audio plug. The built-in DS18B20 chip is used in the temperature measurement system of 1wire network for temperature measurement.

The new "single bus device" DS18B20 is smaller in size, wider in voltage and more economical

The digital temperature sensor DS1820 of Dallas semiconductor company is a temperature sensor that supports "single bus" interface.The unique and economical features of single bus make it easy for users to build sensor networks and introduce new concepts for the construction of measurement system.

The following is the detailed application description of DS1820


• a unique single-wire interface requires only one port pin to communicate

• simple multi-point distribution applications

• no external devices are required

• power can be supplied through the data line

• zero standby power consumption

•- 55 ~ + 125 ℃ temperature range, increasing by 0.5 ℃.Fahrenheit device - 67 ~ + 257 ° F, increasing by 0.9 ° F

• temperature is read out in 9 digit quantities

• temperature digital quantity conversion time of 200ms (typical value)

• user-defined non-volatile temperature alarm Settings

• the alarm search command identifies and marks devices that exceed the specified temperature (temperature alarm condition) of the program

• applications include temperature control, industrial systems, consumer goods, thermometers or any thermal sensing system

Functions and features:

1. The high quality stainless steel waterproof probe, Φ 7 mm* 50 mm , the length of the probe can be customized;

2. Thread: M10, thread can be customized;

3. The spring protection tube: Φ7 mm * 37 mm,  can be customized;

4. Probe extension cord: standard 1 meter, line length customizable;

5. The probe temperature measuring range: -55 ° C to + 125 ° C;

6. Accuracy: + / - 0.5 ° C;

7. Interface type: audio port (4pin)

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