Three Foot Switch Pedal Control Custom Shortcut Key Combination Key for Page Turner DAW Fortnite League of Legends Transcription


Product Code: FS2020TU1IR

Manufacturer: PCsensor

Stock Level: 9966

FS2020TUIIR photoelectric foot switch

Product Model:FS2020TU1IR

Product Size:367*143*45mm

Product Weight: about 429g

Product Interface:USB

Switch Type: Slient Photoelectric Switch

Internal power supply:5V@15mA

USB Cable Length: 2 meters (customizable)

Here are some commonly used shortcut keys

It can be set as shortcut keys such as left mouse button, right mouse button, middle mouse button, forward and backward

Mouse Function

can be set to save, copy, paste, switch programs, open task manager and other shortcut keys.

Keyboard Function

can be set as the up, down, left and right buttons in the gamepad.

Game Function

can be set to quickly enter strings(38 characters),such as “Hello how are you today”

String Function

can be set to pause, play, former song, next song, open my computer and other shortcut keys.

Multimedia Function


Three pedaling methods

Tiptoe stepping                                Forefoot stepping                         Heel stepping

Tipoe pedaling and forefoot pedaling are suitable for short-term switching. If you need to use the foot switch for a long time and high frequency, it is recommended to use the heel stepping method.

System Compatible

Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on DOS,macOS,Linux and Android.







Please access to choose  FootSwitch, download and install the corresponding version software


The following is an example of setting the shortcut key to "Open My Computer" in the multimedia function


                       opening the software

 Plug in device Software automatic identify device

Select Multimedia in the operation interface on the right

Check "Open My Computer" in the multimedia options


After checking, click the save to key After the save is successful, you can use the foot switch
to trigger the shortcut"open my computer" .

Comparison of Three Pedal Foot Switch
                        FS2020U(ABS)                                        FS2020TU(ABS)

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