Web Switch USB Foot Single Pedal Action HID Cross-platform Key Value Setting


Product Code: FS2017W_YEBK

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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Product Description

Web Switch FS2017W_YEBK is equivalent to a Single Pedal Foot Switch.The keys can be set to keyboard function, mouse function, multimedia function, game function and string function through corresponding software or supporting webpage. The set key value is saved in the device, and no software is required during the use of the foot switch.

Widely used in hospital image acquisition, game control, music page turner, and other occasions.

Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on DOS,Mac,Linux and Android.

(Note: if your computer system is Linux or MAC, you need to modify key value in the Windows system computer, after successful set, and then plug the switch into the Linux or MAC computer.) 

Five Functions

Mouse Function:can be set as shortcut keys such as left mouse button, right mouse button, middle mouse button, forward and backward.

Keyboard Function:can be set to save, copy, paste, switch programs, open task manager and other shortcut keys.

Game Function: can be set as the up, down, left and right buttons in the gamepad.

String Function:can be set to quickly enter strings(38 characters),such as “Hello how are you today”

Multimedia Function:can be set to pause, play, former song, next song, open my computer and other shortcut keys.

Application scenarios


Product Parameter

Product model:FS2017W_YEBK

Interface type: USB interface

Switch type:Photoelectric switch

Service life: >300,000 times

Working current: 5V@12mA

Product size: 113*93*42mm

USB cable length: 2 meters (the cable length can be customized)

Product weight: 166g

System Compatibility

This product provides two ways to set custom buttons.

Web: No need to install software, set the buttons through the supporting web page, support Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and other multi-platform use.

Software : Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on DOS,Mac,Linux and Android.

(Note: If it is used in a non-Windows system, the modification of the key value must be set in Windows before it can be used) 


The device supports local web and cloud web to modify the key value.

Method 1    Local Web

  1. Insert the device into the computer, the computer will automatically recognize a U disk named "RDING" as shown in the figure:
  2. Use a browser (or double-click) to open the "WebSwitch.html" file in the U disk as shown in the figure:. After opening, a pop-up window appears on the web page to show instructions for use. 
    *Note: If you use IE browser, please allow "script or ActiveX" for normal use. 
    It may fail to open webswitch.html using the Google browser.Solution: Drag webswitch.html directly into the Google browser window, or remove the extra fields in the path (for example: %20--disable-http2)
  3. Click the button "Import the 'FOOT.RD'file",a file selection dialog box will pop up, select the "FOOT.RD" file in the U disk "RDING" to import.
  4. After opening, the web page displays the information of the FS2017U1SW_W1R1H0M0 device, click the "modify" button to set the key values.
  5. The functions include keyboard function and mouse function,then enter or select the function of the button to be set in the setting box.

  6. After setting, click the "Save" button, and then click the "Update file to device"button to download the "SWITCH.RD" file to the U disk "RDING"; after downloading, wait for the device to restart, and the device's key value will be updated after the restart is complete.

Method 2    Cloud Web

  1. After networking, go to the cloud WebSwitch through the link http://webswitch.us/ or from the advancedsettings of the local WebSwitch.
  2. Register and log in to enter the product settings page.
  3. Import the "FOOT.RD" file in the U disk of the device and modify the key value.
  4. Click the modify button to modify the key value. In addition to the keyboard and mouse functions of the local WebSwitch, there are also string functions, multimedia functions, and games.

  5. The right side of the webpage is the shortcut key list, you can get the shortcut keys of various software from the "standard shortcut keys" (such as Word, Excel, PPT, PS, AI, etc.)
  6. If you need to add shortcut keys yourself, you can add and save from the "Custom Shortcut Keys" module, and you can import local shortcut key packages for modification.
  7. "Service order" in the navigation bar can choose to create a new consulting service or query service status .

Software Setting

Please log in to software.pcsensor.com to download the corresponding version of the software for installation and use.

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