Wireless Bluetooth Three Pedal Foot Switch Double Shift Six Switches USB Rechargeable User-defined Keyboard


Product Code: FS2020BT

Manufacturer: PCsensor

Stock Level: 996

FS2020BT2 is equivalent to a standard Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with three pedals, which can be connected to a computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB cable. The pedals can be defined as keyboard function, mouse function, multimedia function, string printing function through corresponding software.The key value is saved in the device, and software is not required during the use of the device.
FS2020BT2 is widely used in hospital image acquisition, music score page turner, daily office and other occasions.


The difference between FS2020BT2 and FS2020BT1

FS2020BT2: Three Pedal Double Shift

FS2020BT1:Three Pedal Single Shift


Product name: Bluetooth Three Foot Switch(Double Shift)

Product model: FS2020BT2

Connection method: Bluetooth/ Wired USB Type-C

Number of Pedal: 3

Number of Switch: 6

Switch Type: Mechanical Switch

Switch life: >300,000 times

Battery: 220mAh Rechargeable lithium battery

              (It takes 2 hours to fully charge)

Working voltage: 5V

Working current: ≤3mA

Product size: 375*150*46mm

Product weight: 396 g

Application Scenario


Multi-system Compatibility

Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on DOS,Mac,Linux and Android.

(Note: If it is a Linux or MAC system, you need to modify the key definition in Windows, and then plug the switch to Linux or macOS to use)


Please log in to software.pcsensor.com to download the corresponding version of the software for installation and use.

How to connect Bluetooth

Method 1: Pedal pairing

1. turn the switch on the top of the side to the "ON"position, as shown in the figure

If the device has not been connected to a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth, the red and green lights will flash at a certain frequency.

2.At this time, open the Bluetooth settings of your phone or computer to add a Bluetooth device, search the device and select the "FS2020BT2" to connect.

After the connection is successful, the green light will flash twice quickly to indicate that the device is successfully connected. The red and green lights will no longer flash at the same time.

The green light will flash once every time the device is pressed.

3.When the device is reconnected to the phone or computer, the red light of the device will keep flashing until the device and the phone or the computer is successfully connected,and the green light flashes twice.


4.When you want the device to connect to a new mobile phone or computer, press the "Connect"button on the top side for 3 seconds.As shown

When the red and green lights of the device flash at the same time, it means that the device has returned to the pairing status. Use a new mobile phone or computer to connect to the device.


You can also set the sleep duration of the device when the device is connected to the computer via the Type-c cable.


Method 2: Application pairing

Select the application pairing, and add or search the device (FS2020BT2) on your computer or phone after entering pairing mode. Then click the "pairing" button to pair.

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