Multiple Times PDF Temperature Data Logger Reusable Rechargeable for Dairy Products,Frozen Food,Seafood, Fries, Medicine, Blood, Vaccine,High-tech Sensitive Products, Cold Chain Transportation,Ambient Temperature Detection


Product Code: PDF14S

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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pdf temperature data logger

PDF14S is a PDF temperature recorder of PCsensor,high-precision, low-power and reusable, which can record up to 8000 temperature data.It can be used in dairy products, frozen food, seafood, fry, medicine, blood, vaccine, high-tech sensitive products, cold chain transportation, ambient temperature detection and other occasions.
temperature recorder

【Product Use Steps】NOTE:It is recommended to plug the device into the computer USB port for charging for 2 hours before each recording to ensure that the device is fully charged.

1Device settings

1. Plug the device into the computer;

2. After a while ,a USB flash drive named "PCsensor" will appear.

3. Open the U disk named "PCsensor";

4. Find the "SETTING.HTM" file in the U disk. If you do not find this file, press the Start button of the device for 3 seconds, wait for the U disk to refresh again, and then find the "SETTING.HTM" file. Open the file, note that the file will be opened in a web browser;

5. Ensure that the browser script is loaded;

6. Set the parameters in the webpage;

7. Click Download to download the file to the U disk "PCsensor".

2Start upPress the device Start button for 3 s when you need to record. The green LED flashes, indicating that the device has been started and the recording is starting.
3View data

Insert the device into the USB port of the computer, find the U disk name "PCsensor", and open the PDF file inside.

The device will stop recording after the device records full data or inserts the USB to view the data.

If you need to record data again, the setting steps are as follows:

1. Insert the device into the USB port of the computer, wait for the USB flash disk "PCsensor" to appear, and then press the Start button of the device for 3 seconds, the USB flash drive will disappear and then reappear after a while, then open the USB flash drive, there will be two files;

2. Open the SETTING.HTM file with a browser, and will be displayed as below after opening:

3. If you are prompted as indicated by the arrow in the figure above, "To help protect your safety, your web browser has restricted this file to display activities  that may access your computer", then click on the prompt and select "Allow blocked content", Select "Yes (Y)" in the pop-up confirmation dialog box;

4. Fill in the parameters according to actual needs, and then click "Download", then a file download dialog box will pop up, select save, and then select the save  location, save the file to the U disk "PCsensor", as follows figure:

5.After the download is successful, a CONFIG.RD file will be added to the U disk, which means that the setting is successful, as shown below:

6. Remove the device from the computer after the setting is successful , the device will enter the sleep mode, the LED light no longer flashes, when the user needs to record, press the Start button for 3 seconds, the device will start recording, the LED light flashes once every 3 seconds.

Setting parameter description:

Logger ID: Device ID number, cannot be modified
Unit: Unit selection (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Date Format: Date display format
Time Interval: Temperature recording interval
Delay time: Start delay
Upper limit: Temperature upper limit alarm value
Lower limit: Temperature lower limit alarm value
LEDs Flashing: Whether to allow LED flashing
UTC offset: Time zone selection
Note1 ~ Note5: You can fill in some remarks
For example, "Shenzhen to Shanghai", "The operator is Jason"etc., these information will be displayed in the Note area of the PDF document.

Start Record:

After setting the parameters, the device will enter the standby state. Press and hold the Start button for 3 seconds to start the device (the red light flashes for 3 seconds and then the green light flashes to indicate successful startup).

View Data:

Insert the device into the computer's USB port(the device will stop recording after plugging it into the computer, and it will not continue
recording after unplugging it. If you need to record again, you need to reset the parameters)
, after a while, a USB flash drive "PCsensor" will appear on the computer , There is a PDF document, which is the document of the recorded temperature data. The first page of the PDF document includes the recorded temperature curve and some information about the recording process, as shown below:

Over the red dotted line in the graph indicates that the temperature is higher than the upper limit alarm value set by the user;
Lower than the blue dotted lineindicates that the temperature is lower than the lower limit alarm value set by the user; 
the part between the red and blue dotted lines is the normal temperature, and the PDF document except the first page is a detailed record of temperature data, as shown in the following figure:

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