Waterproof Temperature sensor,4pin connector,Suitable TEMPer8 device and 1W340 serise connector,Tx Sensor


Product Code: Tx-Sensor

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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it is temperature probe . Note: it can connect to TEMPer8 serise and 1W340 serise .  such as :TEMPer8_T2, TEMPer8_T4 ,TEMPer8_T8, 1W340G,1W340C,1W340F. with the purpose of adding the monitoring point . very convenience !

2.Function & Feature

a) Range of measuring: -40~+120 C; -40~+248F;
b) Resolution rate: 0.06C
c) Precision:< 1.5C;
d) IC: FM75
e)Weight of Tx sensor : 30g
3.Product photos:

Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here http://software.pcsensor.com/pc_en.html


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