Isolated USB Industrial Thermocouple Thermometer Metal Case with 0~1024C K-type Probe Email Alarm Data Remote apply to Boiler High Temperature Environmental Detection


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Manufacturer: PCsensor

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Product overview

TH2018KD is a real-time isolated thermocouple thermometer, making full use of the hardware resources of mobile phone and computer, which used with mobile phone or computer. With exquisite appearance and Standard K type thermocouple probe ,the temperature range of this product is 0~1024℃. In addition,the product is equipped with a temperature-measuring chip, temperature range is -40℃~125℃, which can monitor the internal temperature when the product is running. 

 USB thermocouple meterTraditional thermocouple meter
Secondary developmentsupportnot support
SoftwarePhone/PCnot support
Remote alarmsupportnot support
Relaysupportnot support
Thermocouple isolationsupportnot support
Data to filesupportnot support
log curve recordsupportnot support
TH2018K series comparison
If the device under test is powered, please use our isolated thermocouple meter for preventing damage to the phone or computer

If the temperature range to be measured is wide, please use our wide range type thermocouple meter

If your probe is plug type, please chose our plug-in thermocouple meter.

Non-isolated thermocouple meter
 USB Type AAndroidRelayPortTemperature Range








Isloated thermocouple meter
 USB Type AAndroidRelayPortTemperature Range









a)USB Port: Using USB port, the device communicates with the host computer.

b)Thermocouple Isolation: thermocouple probe circuit and internal circuit isolation, to avoid damage the computer when measure temperature of high voltage equipment. 


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