Multifunctional Portable Travel Mobile Phone Infrared Thermometer Type-C Non-contact IR Human Body Object Temperature Measurement OTG Power Supply


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Manufacturer: PCsensor

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                Mobile Phone Infrared Thermometer

              Multipurpose |   Multifunctional    |   Portable  |  Travel

                Measuring temperature of body or object with your mobile phone
infrared thermometer

Appearance patent numberZL202030079356.5 ;  Patent for Utility Model202020293564X

Product Parameter

  • Measurement Distance:≤ 3cm
  • Connection Interface: Type-C 
  • Power Supply: mobile phone power supply (the phone must support OTG)
  • Working Current:<20mA
  • Measurement Range: 
    Object mode: 0 - 60℃(Accuracy:± 1℃ )
                                       Body mode: 32 - 42℃(Accuracy:± 0.3℃)
  • Working Voltage: 5V

              connect your  phone to turn it into a thermometer
No need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a temperature measurement version of the phone

mobile phone infrared thermometer

PCsensor's mobile phone infrared thermometer can be connected to the OTGof the mobile phone through the Type-C interface of the product ,then the users can use the thermometer to measure the temperature by the supporting software.

1.Body Temperature Measurement  Mode:

It can measure the body temperature of the human body,and the measurement range is between 32~42℃;

mobile phone infrared thermometer

2. Object Temperature Measurement Mode:
  It can measure the temperature of the object , and the measurement range is between 0~60℃;

3.Photo for record:
   You can take a real photo, and the software will record the last temperature measurement on the photo.
infrared thermometer
4. Automatic Temperature Measurement:
the default automatic temperature measurement interval is  5 seconds( interval can be changed in the setting), and display body temperature curve. 

5. Voice Broadcast

6.Other functions:Emissivity can be selected when measuring object, over temperature alarm,automatically saving measured values in the log files and so on.

                                    Application Scenes
                                                 The following are some examples

temperature measurement
            Household:computer,water temperature,baking

           Station:battery charging point,station staff,tires,engine;


          Factory:injection molding machine,mounter,wave soldering and so on.

                             connect the extension cord to measure the tea temperature

mobile phone infrared thermometermobile phone infrared thermometer
01.Log in to download the latest version of IROTG.exe and install the software.
      This product is only applicable to Android system(and the phone must have OTG function),not applicable to (IOS)system.

02.After the thermometer is plugged into the phone, the red, green and blue lights flashing, indicating that the thermometer is connected to the phone, and can control the thermometer through software.
mobile phone infrared thermometermobile phone infrared thermometer

03.Select body temperature or object mode, place the device within 3cm of the object to be measured, and click the START button in the software or the phone volume up key to measure temperture.
mobile phone infrared thermometermobile phone infrared thermometer

IROTG20A can also be used to connect to the computer through Type-C to Type-A adapter.

To acquire stable and accurate measurement values,calibration of infrared thermometer can be performed on the software through the comparison of measurement values delivered by IROTG20A with those of a traditional thermometer.If there is a significant error,an adjustment can be made to correct the error to acceptable level.

mobile phone thermometer

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