USB Industrial Thermocouple Thermometer Metal Case with 0~1024C K-type Probe Email Alarm Data Remote apply to Boiler High Temperature Environmental Detection(TH2018KH)


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Product overview

TH2018KH series products are thermocouple meters for real-time temperature measurement based on the USB interface of mobile phones or computers. They make full use of the hardware and software resources of mobile phones and computers,and can realize remote data sharing. TH2018K products come standard with K-type thermocouple probe, and the temperature range is 0℃~1024℃, and are equipped with an environmental temperature measurement chip with a temperature measurement range from -40°C to 125°C, which can monitor the product's environmental temperature in real time.



 USB thermocouple meterTraditional thermocouple meter
Secondary developmentsupportnot support
SoftwarePhone/PCnot support
Remote alarmsupportnot support
Relaysupportnot support
Thermocouple isolationsupportnot support
Data to filesupportnot support
log curve recordsupportnot support


TH2018K series comparison
If the device under test is powered, please use our isolated thermocouple meter for preventing damage to the phone or computer

If the temperature range to be measured is wide, please use our wide range type thermocouple meter

If your probe is plug type, please chose our plug-in thermocouple meter.

Non-isolated thermocouple meter
 USB Type AAndroidRelayPortTemperature Range
Isloated thermocouple meter
 USB Type AAndroidRelayPortTemperature Range

a)USB Port: Using USB port, the device communicates with the host computer.

b)Thermocouple Isolation: thermocouple probe circuit and internal circuit isolation, to avoid damage the computer when measure temperature of high voltage equipment. 

c)Android : Supports Android APP for monitoring (only single-mode operation is supported, and Micro USB Port is used as power in mobile mode)

d)Relay: It can be connected to external boilers, motors and other equipment to control the on/off of the equipment by judging the temperature.

e)Buzzer: When the temperature exceeds the threshold range, the buzzer will beep.

f)Outer measurement range:K-type thermocouple probe temperature measurement range


Software introduction

Real-time Temperature Measurement  

View real-time temperature data via a computer connected device

Email alarm

   Set the alarm threshold, set the send mode to be “Send mail when alarming”, then, through the mailbox SMTP service, the software will send an alarm email to the aim mailbox when the measured temperature exceeds the alarm temperature.

Remote data

 Users can view data on a computer without a connected device by registering an account.

Data to file


The software automatically stores the measurement data as a file. The user can set the file type and storage path.

Software Download link:

Product features

a)Support COM port mode, free to provide secondary development instruction text and instructions.

b)The device uses a metal shell, which can well shield external interference, batch order can be printed LOGO.

c)Two-way plug-in design, easy to plug and replace the probe.

d) The device has two modes: PC and mobile, providing Android App. Models that support mobile mode: TH2018KB, TH2018KC, TH2018KD, TH2018KF, TH2018KG, TH2018KH, TH2018KJ

e) Provide Windows-based driver, and provide Windows supporting software, support data storage, set alarm threshold, automatically send alarm mail, curve display and other functions.


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