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Product Code: MTC2en2.0_6Days

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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1Device description

Model : MTC2en2.0_6Days

Applications: Milchigs, Frozen food, Seafood, Blood, Vaccines, Drugs, High-tech sensitive products,Cold chain transport, wild temperature detection



   1) The device supports USB-2.0 communication mode

   2) Low power consumption for long-term off-line recording data

   3) Connect the computer, the device is identified as U disk, all recorded data are saved in the device by pdf file format.

4) The device uses CR2032 power supply, easy to removable and exchangeable

5) Temperature range: -33 C ~ + 77 C

6) Accuracy: +/- 2 C (If you need to order high accuracy PDF thermograph, please contact sale)


Electrical parameters

1) Operating Voltage: DC 3V

   2) Low Quiescent Current: < 10uA
       Sensor Active Current: 3mA (Typical)
       Flash Active Current: 9mA(Typical)

    3) Average power: 0.03 mW


2. Use Device

Equipment be precede factory settings according to user requirements, and testing equipment, the user also can detect the device before use.

2.1 Equipment Check (device must dormant status)

1) Check the device whether is it in a dormant state.

2) Plug device into USB port of computer.

3) Press the "TEST" button (red indicator light flashes 2 to 3 seconds, then red, green and blue lights flashing water, open the user desktop "My Computer" or "Computer" Wait to jump "PCsensor" Removable Storage equipment; If the device isn’t plugged into the computer USB port, the red LED flashes 2 to 3 seconds, the blue indicator light flashes 5 to 6 seconds, Finally all light turn off).

4) Open the "PCsensor (H :)" disk, use the "Notepad" to open "TEST.TXT" file


5) Contrast "TEST.TXT" file date and time zone information, whether is the same as current user's time zone information; check the serial number and the serial number of the product label  whether it is the same; check the upper alert ,  lower alert and delay recording time whether is conform user requirements

FileName:C90015       PDF file name; C : Celsius; F: Fahrenheit; Serial number: 90015

Date&Time:[28/10/15 16:15:36] UTC+"08" DateMode [date / month / year]Date and time and time zone information (October 28, 2015 16:15:36 ;Time zone + 08, PDF will display the format of date in accordance with the Day / Month / Year )

Log Duration&Interval:[6Days 1Minutes]    Record the number of days and records interval

StartDelay[1Minutes] Press "START" to equipment delayed 1 minute after start recording

Alert Upper&Lower:[25 Upper 15 Lower]      Upper alert :25 degrees Celsius; Lower alert :15 degrees Celsius

TESTED Times: 1 – xx      Equipment has been tested onece, x represents the number of times for checking does not limits


Temperature[C]  Continuous acquisition 3 times the temperature when check the device. It is 23.56 degrees Celsius




 If set information appear error, press the "START" button, wait for the user "Computer" appear removable storage devices "PCsensor (H :)".

1) Use "Internet Explorer" to open "SETTING.htm" file.

2) In the "Internet Explorer has restricted this page to run a script or ActiveX Controls" click "Allow Blocked Content".

3) Modify the content of "Thermograph Settings List" according to your demand.

4) Click "Update" button to update the settings to the device.


2.2 Starting equipment

1) Start recording temperature data, the device interface unplugged from the computer USB, red, green and blue lights flashing. Press "START" button and keep 6 seconds, until the green indicator light flashes 2 to 3 seconds, the device launch.

The green indicator light flashes once every three seconds; the device delayed 1 minute after start recording (Delay time is set from 1 to 99 minutes)

Note 1: From hibernation state to start state, must press the "START" button for at least 6 s, until the green light is blinking, then the device starts. You plug the device into the computer before you must to set delaying time. (Delay time is set by the user "Minutes Delay" item)

Note 2: In the process of data records, if the temperature data is higher than the upper alert or below the lower alert, the device indicator flashes red or blue flashes, once equipment alert, green indicator lights are no longer flashing. If Upper alert and lower alert are appeared, the red indicator light and blue light are alternately flashes; equipment have memory function, the alert indicator light remains unchanged.

2.3 View Data

1) Export temperature data files

After starting the equipment, after the delay device starts recording temperature data, the user can put the device into your computer's USB port to view the recorded temperature data; device into a computer USB port, wait for 6 to 20 seconds until the computer "computer" eject removable storage devices. "PCsensor (H :) ", open the disk, you can use the PDF reader tool to open PDF format files recorded or copy the generated PDF file is saved to the user's computer to another location

2) Check the temperature data files


"TABLE CONFIGURATION": the upper alert value, the lower alert value, and alert lights flashing

"IN USE TIME": Start time (the user presses "START" button) ; Stop time (the device stops recording time ); Start delay (Press "START" to equipment delayed XX minute after start recording temperature data)

"TRIP TEMPERATURE STATISTICS": Statistical records temperature data of the time; Recording time of normal temperature range; Above the upper limit value of the alarm time ; below the lower limit value of the alarm time; maximum temperatures value; minimum temperatures value and average temperatures value.

"TESTED": Check the test time and record the temperature value.

Curve Graph ------The red dotted line (above) represents the temperature is higher than the upper limit alert value ; The blue dotted line( below ) represents the temperature is below the lower limit value; The dotted line between the red and blue parts represents normal temperature.

Data tables--- Green font indicates the normal temperature data information; Red font indicates a temperature higher than the upper limit alert information; Blue font indicates a temperature below than the lower limit alert information; Black font indicates device connect error.

One Time use device definitions:

Presses the “START”, the device start recording temperature. Recording process cannot be terminated until the record is full. You cannot change any user settings;

If it does not start recording, you can plug it into the computer, Press "TEST ", computer will pop-up" TEST.TXT "file. The user can view these information. such as : Record time settings; Alarm temperature value; Start recording delay time; Temperature unit ;Date display format , and other information;

If setting information is wrong, the user presses the" START "button,  pop-up" CONFIG.TXT "file, modify the '[ ]' parameter according to request, pay attention to users only can modify 3 times.


Multiple use device definitions:

Users can unlimited use, plug device into the computer's USB port and Press "START" button, Enter modify the "CONFIG.TXT" file.


3. Packing list







Operation instructions Card



Waterproof transparent bag



Note: After completed order, Please tell the settings information of device to sellers.   


4. Product model specification




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