USB hygrometer data logger,with outer temperature sensor, for Linux,Support for secondary development,email alarm,,Independent programming,(TEMPerX232_T)


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1. Product Description

TEMPerX232 is a comprehensive USB thermometer. it was  researched by RDing TECH company. The device has built-in temperature and humidity sensors.It through expansion interface can connect other probes. (Such as DS18B20 probe, TX probe,HS10 probe.)  USB supports HID mode and USB to COM port mode.


2. Features

2.1. TEMPerX232 is USB interface. It supports for HID character printing mode and COM port mode. COM port communication mode instruction is text format. (If you purchase our TEMPerX232 device, we free offer secondary development instruction.)

2.2. Device has a built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor  for detecting temperature and humidity of environment;

2.3. Device has a 3.5mm audio interface for external probe; (DS18B20 sensor, TX sensor and HS10 sensor)

2.4. Offer windows, Linux, android drive.

2.5. The software supports all Windows system, supports data logging, Email alarm, graph transformation, Skype and MSN function. MSN/Skype function enables remote viewing data. In addition, the data can be saved into TXT or CSV format automatically and be opened by Excel conveniently.

3. Electrical parameters

3.1 Internal sensor: Temperature range: -40 ~ + 85 ℃, Humidity rang: 0 ~ 100RH%;  

     Outer sensor temperature range :-40~+120;

3.2 Internal sensortemperature resolution: 0.01 ℃;

3.3 Internal sensorhumidity resolution: 0.04 RH%;

3.4 Internal sensor temperature accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃(In the range of 0~60 ℃);

      Outer sensor temperature accuracy: ± 2  ℃;

3.5 Internal sensorhumidity accuracy: ± 3 RH% (In the range of 20RH% ~ 80RH%);

3.6 Voltage: 5V

3.7 Current: <20mA

3.8 RS232 Baud Rate: 9600bps

3.9 External sensors please refer to the corresponding sensor specifications.


4. Operating mode:

TEMPerX232 has HID mode and serial mode (com port). Press the “Press” button on the thermometer for 5 seconds, the two modes can be switch to each other.


Normal status

Abnormal status

COM port

Green LED

Green Red LED

HID mode

Blue LED

Blue Red LED


(1). The device is working in the serial mode (com port): the green light flashes. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the alert value , the green light will flash after the red light flashes. Go through view the data can be determined what type of alarm (temperature or humidity);

(2). The device is working in HID mode:the blue light flashes. If the temperature or humidity exceeds the alert value, the blue lights will flash after the red light flashes. Go through view the data can be determined what type of alarm (temperature or humidity).

COM1 is RS232 serial port of computer and COM7 is TEMPerX232 corresponding serial port.

5. Software Description (Our software just supports windows system)

Device is work in the serial mode (com port) through software to obtain data, or A tripod serial tool in serial mode can also get data

5.1. Log

5.2. Curve

 Click left mouse button under marquee can zoom curve and narrow curve; Click and hold the right mouse button, can move the curve.

5.3. MSN (you can obtain the temperature data remotely)

   MSN users log in, your friends can send related instructions and to obtain the relevant temperature data. When your friends send prompted number 1 to you, he will automatically get the temperature data. Including: real-time temperature, maximum, minimum and average.

 5.4Email function

Fill in the Related Information of Email and Save it. The Requirement of Send Email: Support POP3/SMTP and Other Server Port.  You can fill in two address of receive Email.

Related Function: 1. when open the function of the Alarm, it will send the Email to Specified Email Box Automatically when the Temperature Reach the Alarm Limit. 2. You can set the Sending time; it will send the Email to the Specified Mail Box at Set Intervals. (Recommendation)3. it can Send Email Continuously to the Specified Mail Box.  (Deprecated feature)

5.5. Setting (Click “TOOLS”, select “Option”)

 5.5.1. Setting Data Storage

5.5.2. Setting alarm temperature

 5.5.3. Setting Calibration and unit

5.5.4. Setting Color


5.5.5. Setting Language

5.5.6. Setting Startup

5.5.7 About

6. Packing Specification

Part name






                          Tx sensorCable length :1 meter                        1

Software CD

3.5 inch


USB extend cable



Product verification certificate





Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here




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