1 wire adapter,1Wire Thermometer,replace DS9097 DS9490


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1 wire adapter

1.Description :

USB9097 is Rding Tech's 1 wire adapter. It fully can replace DS9097, DS9490 of MAXIM (http://www.maxim-ic.com/ )

The main differences of them is:

(1) USB9097 connects to computer through USB port; DS9490 connects to computer through serial port.

(2)USB9097 connects to sensors through 3.5 mm Audio cables; it can build hundreds of miniLAN network. Very suit forNon-professionals DIY.

At present, more and more Maxim’s 1wire of products have already appeared in our life. You can connect 1 wire into your computer through it and easy to get the data from the computer .such as: get temperature of DS18b20 or datas of ibutton products. 

Adopt DS2480B+USB2UART IC, more detailed product performance; please refer to MAXIM DS2480B datasheet.

2. Product photos :


                                                      Picture 1 USB9097

(NOTE: You can use Third-line communication  or noly use DATA and GND.)

                                                  Picture 2 converter

3. Packing list

Weight of USB9097 : 90g

3. There are two types of 18b20 probe can be directly connect to 1 wire adapter. Such as:

(1)  Dx sensor


Temperature range of Soft line probe: 55~+125°C;

(2)H200 sensor


Temperature range of plug-in handle Probe: -55~+125°C ;

(3) can connect with our 1wire relay.


(4) can connect with our 1WAD.



Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here http://software.pcsensor.com/pc_en.html






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